Stephen C. Cowin 
CUNY Distinguished Professor 
of Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering
The City College
138th Street and Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031, U. S. A.

Mail Address: 

Stephen C. Cowin
2166 Broadway, Apartment 12D
New York, NY 10024

Phone (212) 799-7970 (Office at Home)
Phone (212) 650-5208 (Work)
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Fax (212) 650-6727 (Work)


Education & Awards


B.S.E. (Civil Engineering), 1956, Johns Hopkins University;
M.S. (Civil Engineering), Johns Hopkins University, 1958;
Ph.D. (Engineering Mechanics), 1962, Pennsylvania State University.

Best Paper Award, ASME, Bioengineering Division, 1992.
The Melville Medal, ASME, 1993.
European Society of Biomechanics Research Award, 1994.
The H. R. Lissner Medal, 1999, ASME, 1999.

Research Interests:

mechanics of materials, particularly in the determination of the influence of microstructure on the gross mechanical behavior of granular, composite, and biological materials; His current publications are in orthopedic biomechanics and anisotropic elasticity.

Professor Cowin also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Orthopedics at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. He is the author of over a hundred and sixty research papers and editor or co-editor of five books. He is presently or has been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Mechanics and the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering , a member of the Editorial Board of the Annals of Biomedical Engineering and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Handbook of Bioengineering and the Handbook of Mechanics, Materials, and Structures and Acta Biomechanica. Professor Cowin is known for his analysis of static bin pressure induced by granular materials, his development of a continuum theory for granular materials (with M. A. Goodman), the creation of the continuum theory of materials with small voids (with J. W. Nunziato), for the development of models of granular material slip zones (with M. M. Mehrabadi), basic theorems in anisotropic elasticity (with M. M. Mehrabadi) and the development of the bone remodeling theories and computational algorithms with many co- investigators over a twenty five year period.

Recent and frequently cited publications: