Cascade Microtech RF-1 Microwave Probe Station is a quickly calibrate and measurement equipment that uses the microwave chuck - holds Impedance Standard Substrates (ISS), contact substrate and wafer simultaneously. It is fast, precise, movement between test sites with orthogonal x-y stage translation and linear z-lift. Also, it is accurate over-temperature microwave measurements with the patented auxiliary chucks for calibration substrates. No vacuum rings - prevents breakage of thin substrates and ensures no resonant structures below 325 GHz . Probe shards and entire wafers can be accommodated on the same chuck surface. Microscope can be locked in the tilt-up position to safely change probes or microscope objectives. The low-profile design for operator comfort and enables Hybrid probing, thermal analysis, electro-optic device probing.

Features :

  • Precision 150mm (6 in.) x-y stage
  • 1 in. adjustable z-chuck height
  • 150mm (6 in.) microwave chuck
  • Patented auxiliary chucks for calibration substrates
  • Switch-selectable vacuum zones
  • 1 in. coaxial x-y microscope transport with safety lock
  • Tilt-back high power microscope option with compound lift
  • High rigidity microwave platen, with precision linear lift
  • Accommodates up to 4 microwave positioners
  • Microwave thermal chuck option (includes auxiliary chucks)